TouchNTuff® 83-300 83-500 -

TouchNTuff® 83-300 83-500

Polyisoprene Gloves. Comfortable Latex-Free gloves

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Shell materialPolyisoprene
Lining materialnd.
GripSmooth finish
Type of cuffsRolled beaded
AQL (EN374)1.0
Size EN5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9
Length in mm305-310
Thickness in mm0.21

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20 right and left hand gloves packed in separate compartments in a polybag; 
1 polybag per vacuum sealed polybag; 
2 polybags per vacuum sealed master polybag, 
5 master polybags per case liner; 
200 pairs per carton


Pair pack: The glove is packaged one pair per poly wallet, sealed in a poly envelope; 10 pairs per sealed polybag; 5 sealed polybags per master bag; 4 master bags per case liner; 200 pairs per carton. 
All packaging is printed with cleanroom-compatible IPA-resistant ink. 
The polybags have an easy-tear opening. 
The gloves are triple-bagged for superior contamination control.


  • Made of 100% polyisoprene, the TouchNTuff® 83-300 contains no natural rubber latex, minimising the risk of Type I allergy.
  • The stretchability of the ultra-soft polyisoprene film and a new ergonomic former provide second-skin fit and greater comfort. Users can wear the glove longer before developing hand fatigue.
  • The synthetic polyisoprene delivers all the tactile performance of natural rubber latex.
  • An anti-slip finish provides superior grip when handling wet items and helps prevent slippage.
  • The enhanced polymer coating inside the glove allows easy donning with dry or damp hands. Design and thickness allow for easy and comfortable double-gloving.

Primary Industries

  • Pharmaceuticals

Ideal Applications

  • Handling bags containing ‘active’ & ‘inactive’ materials
  • Tablet press preparation and operation
  • ‘V’ Blender to mix solids and colorants
  • Wet chemical, particle and analytical testing
  • Blending of liquids
  • Filtration processes
  • Vaccines injectables operations
  • Analytical measurements
  • Pelletizing and tablet manufacturing


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